About Vizit Homes

Our Story

Vizit Homes was designed to help create an improved, easier buying and selling experience for you. At Vizit, we know that you work hard, so we want to help you keep more of that money in the bank.

Before Vizit Homes, to sell your home yourself, you had to create a lawn sign with your phone number, stick it in your lawn and pray someone calls. With Vizit, we advertise on local MLS, Real Estate Websites and Social Media.   We built a company that automates and streamlines the home buying/selling process. Vizit Homes provides an option for Real Estate Transactions that allows buyers and sellers to do much of the transaction online, while providing experts and advice along the way, as needed.  

No need to post your personal information online, all contact will be made through the Vizit Homes App, so you don’t have to post your number online.


Our Mission

Make sure that your home sells, no matter what! If you decide to enlist the help of an agent, select one of our Vizit Homes partners, and you will get your For Sale by Owner fee back upon sale of your home.

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